Server and Network Administration leading to CCNA Switching & Routing

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teaching method:
A Virtual Production Environment(simulation/emulation of an actual production environment) will be employed(via vitualization)
What are We Going to Teach:
  • Router configurations
  • Network troubleshooting(according to the OSI model) basic techniques will be gained
  • System administration basic techniques will be gained
  • Network Administration basic techniques will be gained
  • Server Administration basic techniques will be gained
Practice System needed:
  • Significant access time to a PC may be required to gtake full advantage of the course
Target Audience:
  • Participants intending to sit for the CCNA exam
Course objective:
  • Participants will learn the basics of networking in a production environment
Course prerequisites:
  • Basic knowledge of computer processing(INPUT -> PROCESSING -> OUTPUT) is required

Description :

The course is designed to prepare participants for the CCNA exam by introducing them to industry-standard network practices in production environments, via an emulated virtual production environment. All appliances. devices, servers, and systems have been simulated with virtualization, giving a what-you-see is what-you-get experience. The configurations are carried out real-time, and are an exact depiction of what you would meet/experience in the IT industry, with regards to practices employed by Small-to-Medium Enterprises, and Large-to-Medium Enterprises alike. Participants can also expect comprehensive laboratory practice exercises, which will be akin to what will be experienced when sitting for the exams. Participants can also opt for PRIVATE lab coaching sessions, which will be conducted in the same virtual production environments, if need be. This is one of the most comprehensive CCNA classes they can participate in, and participants can be sure the level of understanding and comprehension that will be conveyed after the class has been completed, will be satisfactory. It is hoped participants will have significant access time to a Personal Computer, as this will significantly enable them to perform ANY additional research that may be required, in order for them to get the best out of the class. With this level of understanding/comprehension, participants will therefore confidently be able to become unrivaled assets to the respective organisations they are able to achieve gainful employment. Wishing all participants who sit for the CCNA exam Godspeed!

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Course Content : Expand all sections

  • 3 sections
  • 21 lectures
  • 02h 19m total length

Introduction To Networking via Switching

Creating A Work Group-based Network

Creating A Work Group-based Network

Creating A Work Group-based Network

Creating A Work Group-based Network

To Join A Client To The Domain

To Join A Client To The Domain

To Join A Client To The Domain

Introduction To Layer 3-based Networking/Routing

Configuring the Adaptive Security Appliance(vFirewall/virtual firewall appliance)

To Setup/Configure The Router

To Test Network Connectivity Across All The LAN Segments

Please Read The Material Provided

Please Read The Material Provided

Reading Material

CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA (v3.0) 200-125 Exam Answer Part 2 ( PDFDrive ).pdf
CCNA Routing and Switching Practice Tests Exam 100-105, Exam 200-105, and Exam 200-125 ( PDFDrive ).pdf
Cisco CCNA in 60 Days ( PDFDrive ).pdf

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