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Lazaro Diaz

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Course objective:
  • This course is intended for those that are seeking a career in Networking, Computer Science and other Information Technology fields to include those that are taking certification courses like the CCNA and/or CCNP.
Course prerequisites:
  • The desire to master conversions such as binary to hex, binary to decimal, decimal to hex, decimal to binary, hex to binary & hex to ddecimal.

Description :

This course is over 60 minutes long and will give you the knowledge and understanding of how to convert hex to decimal, decimal to hex binary to hex, or decimal.  

This course has been updated with labs so you can gain a better understanding of where you would see and configure Hexadecimal numbers. For today's technology, it is crucial to understand this topic.                                                                                                           

You will become familiar with the format of hexadecimal numbers, their use, and their bit values. This course is mostly lecture-based using a whiteboard. This method will make you feel like you are sitting in a classroom environment.

Handouts will be available for students to facilitate
learning and practice.

This course will help you in becoming comfortable with, not only conversions, but it will also help you in preparing for the CCNA certification and Computer Science Degrees; not to mention the fact that for those that are already working in the field, it will help you in calculating the conversions without a calculator. This method should expedite the way you convert in order to make you faster, better, and stronger.

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Lazaro Diaz

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United States


My name is Lazaro (Laz) Diaz, and I have more than 20+ years of experience in the field and in the teaching industry. This is so that you can rest assured that your education is in good hands and delivered by a professional and qualified instructor.  I am constantly learning about the new technologies that become available so that I can pass this on to you.

The name of the game is to accomplish a goal. And you are here because this is what you want to do. If you are driven by ambition to achieve success in IT or other office industries, then you will not find another instructor that is more dedicated to your SUCCESS than me!


As an instructor, I am highly qualified in teaching certain subject matters in IT, Security & Applications, to make sure you receive the knowledge you need to perform and become proficient in the subject to pass a certification exam or just be great at your job!

My courses will provide you with the most current information available for any of these topics...and if becoming a Network Engineer, Security+, passing the CCNA or CCNP, learning Word, PowerPoint, Excel & Access is your goal, then my courses will hold your feet to the fire to make sure you attain that proficiency and/or job and title you are looking for.

As your instructor, I will give you 1000% of my effort to make sure you succeed. However, I also expect you to do your part. I will not spoon-feed you the information. You will need to study hard, follow instructions, ask questions and reach out if you are stuck.

I want and need you to succeed because my reputation is on the line!


My courses have been developed in a manner that is easy to understand, easy to comprehend & easy to put into practice.

I pride myself on having a high success rate of students passing the certification exams and retaining the information to be able to apply it. Having more than 600K+ students worldwide has put me on the Global map as a recognized authority in the Cisco, CCNA, CCNP and other IT-related fields. Check out the free lectures we provide in every one of our courses and then decide if I am the right choice to be your teacher/instructor!

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Course Content : Expand all sections

  • 7 sections
  • 20 lectures
  • 01h 19m total length

In this Section, you will gain an understanding of what this course is about and what you should know once you finish this course.

In this section, you will learn where you would use or see hexadecimal numbers to gain an understanding and the importance of these hex numbers.

In this lecture, you will learn what hex numbers are, their format, and how you would use them.

In this lecture you will learn that your MAC addresses are a shortcut to writing binary and they will help you in your configuration when securing a networking device.

In this lecture you will learn that IPv6 addresses are now in hexadecimal format therefore we must become comfortable in looking or working with hexadecimal numbers.

In this lecture, you will learn that using MAC addresses when doing switch-port security on an L2/L3 switch, or MAC filtering on a router or any other type of security appliance, MAC addresses become important. therefore becoming comfortable working with hexadecimal numbers, is crucial.


In this section you will learn how to convert a hex number to decimal number.

In this lecture, I will give three examples of converting Hex numbers to Decimal, using binary as the middle ground

this lecture summarizes what we have discussed in this section.

In this section, you will learn how to convert Decimal to Hex in an easy-to-understand method.

In this lecture, I will give you 3 examples of converting decimals to Hex. I will also show you the Hex table and the Binary bit values to help you convert.

This lecture summarizes what you have learned in this section.

In this section, you will learn how to convert binary to Decimal or Hex in an easy-to-understand method.

In this lecture, you will learn how to convert a Binary to Decimal or Hex.

This lecture summarizes what you have learned in this section.

In this section, you will have some practice problems to learn from.

In this lecture we are going to practice what we have gone over in the course. Remember Practice makes perfect in anything we do.

This lecture summarizes what you have learned in this section.

This section summarizes what you have learned in the "ENTIRE" course.

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