DNS Configuration In A Virtual Production Environment

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teaching method:
A Virtual Production Environment(simulation/emulation of an actual production environment) will be employed(via vitualization), and knowledge will be conveyed via videos, and practical v-lab(virtual lab) sessions, when necessary.
What are We Going to Teach:

- DNS configuration from a Linux perspective

- DNS configuration from a Windows perspective

- A broader view of what DNS(Domain Name Systems) is

- DNS Configuration and Operations ln A Virtual Production Environment

Target Audience:
  • Participants who want a broader access to an IT knowledge-base of how DNS works in a networked production environment, who are writing their RHCSA/RHCE exams, or just want well-informed hindsight into how DNS worksTo give
Course objective:
  • To give participants comprehensive insight into the paradigm of DNS
Course prerequisites:
  • A Personal Computer with significant CPU processing power, RAM, internet connectivity, and possess significant IT knowledge-base(or access to)

Description :

The course is designed to give participants an advanced introduction to DNS(Domain Name System), with configuration of servers (in a production environment) carried out from a linux perspective. All appliances, servers, and systems have been simulated with virtualization, giving a what-you-see is what-you-get experience. The configurations are carried out real-time, and are an exact depiction of what you would meet/experience in the IT industry, with regards to practices employed by Small-to-Medium Enterprises, and Large-to-Medium Enterprises alike. Participants can also expect comprehensive laboratory practice exercises, and can also opt for PRIVATE lab coaching sessions, which will be conducted in the same virtual production environments, if need be. This is one of the most comprehensive DNS courses participants will undergo, and it is expected they possess(or, at least, have access to) advanced IT-related knowledge-base(and expertise, if need be). Participants can be sure the level of understanding and comprehension that will be conveyed after the class has been completed, will be satisfactory. It is hoped participants will have significant access time to a Personal Computer, as this will significantly enable them to perform ANY additional research that may be required, in order for them to get the best out of the course.  With this level of understanding/comprehension, participants will therefore confidently be able to become unrivaled assets to the respective organisations they are able to achieve gainful employment in/with. The course can also be of significant benefit to participants who want to write their RHCSA/RHCE exams.

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Installing a Mail Server

Further Testing Of Configurations....

....And Further Testing....

Reading Material

RHCSA RHCE Red Hat Linux Certification Study Guide (Exams EX200 & EX300).pdf

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