Creating, Monetizing and Maintaining Online Communities

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Course objective:
  • Define what platform you can use to build a local community;
  • Explain how use minor communities in course platforms (lesson discussions);
  • Discuss how to use groups of social media platforms;
  • Practice creating communities in WordPress;
  • Utilize external shopping carts;
  • Connect your community to other needed services using Zapier;
  • Compare Mighty Networks to;
  • Explain how to create a Circle community;
  • Configure your notifications in Circle;
  • Configure Space Groups in Circle;
  • Configure Discussion Post Space in Circle;
  • Understand how to use invitation links in Circle;
  • Explain how to add individuals to your community using invitation links in Circle;
  • Explain how to create an online course in Circle;
  • Explain how to customize courses in Circle;
  • Discuss how to set Circle Events and event spaces;
  • Explain how to set up a Circle Live Stream Event;
  • Explain how to conduct a Live Stream in Circle;
  • Discuss how to go live without an event in Circle; and
  • Explain how to create Posts within your Circle community.

Description :

If you need to utilize online communities whether your main purpose is to 

create an online community of clients or customers and directly sell products or services to them;

build an online community around a common interest so that you can sell products or services to them in the future; 

or only keep your current clients or customers engaged and stay connected with you and with each other in their online community;

Then, this course is FOR YOU.  


Demand for using online communities has risen during the past few years. Organizations depend on online communities in order to build meaningful relationships with their customers or members, that for sure translates into greater loyalty to their brand and upsell opportunities. 


Whatever your purpose is, you need to start understanding and practicing how to maintaining online communities.


This step-by-step and concise tutorial from LinCademy will let you master the principles of creating and maintaining paid online communities and practice every step of doing this. By taking this course, you will learn the following: 

Building online communities on different types of platforms;

Connecting your online community to important outside services using Zapier;

Creating a list and connecting your community to external shopping cart if there is no one on your community platform;

Understanding and differentiating between important online platforms for building communities;

Creating your own platform to host your online community using WordPress;

Diving deeper into platform; from starting up community to creating and customizing an online course.


Don't hesitate and get enrolled in this course now and start learning how to create, monetize and maintain your online Community.

John Doe


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