Create Buzz Using Videos for Your Product or Service Launch

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Target Audience:
  • Anyone wanting to learn launching products skills using videos
Course objective:
  • Define the role of pre-launch marketing in product success.
  • Discuss challenges in the journey from idea to launch.
  • Analyze product failure rates by Professor Clayton Christensen.
  • Identify elements of a structured product marketing strategy.
  • Explain the importance of pre-launch marketing.
  • Categorize essential pre-launch marketing components.
  • Evaluate the role of excitement and anticipation in customer interest.
  • Compare successful and failed launches for insights.
  • Formulate strategies for creating buzz before the official launch.
  • Define the purpose and importance of the 4-step video blueprint.

Description :

There is a pressure on companies to create ideas for new products, and the journey from the initial idea till reaching a successful product launch is not easy and paved with many challenges. 30,000 new products, every year, are introduced to the market, but 95% of them fail, according to professor Clayton Christensen in Harvard Business School. 


What separates successful launches of products from failure ones is a structured approach for developing a product marketing strategy that needs to focus on pre-launch stage. Pre-launch marketing is marketing efforts that focus on generating excitement and buzz for new products or services before they launch. The aim of pre-launch marketing campaigns is to build up interest and anticipation so customers or clients will be eager to buy the product or service from you when launch day arrives.


One of the best marketing strategies to protect your new product or service from any fail and to be within the 5% of successful products and services is to create an amazing and professional launch video that can build up interest and anticipation so customers or clients will be eager to buy the product or service from you when launch day arrives and will boost the initial success of your product.


This step-by-step course from LinCademy will help you discover and practice how to launch your product or service through a series of videos. you will learn how to plan, design and develop your marketing videos the right way through real experience and not only theory.

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